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Month: September 2016

NCI embraces scientific road map to achieve Cancer Moonshot goals

National Cancer Institute Acting Director Douglas Lowy, M.D., today accepted, with revisions that reflect NCAB’s discussion, the recommendations of a Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) on 10 approaches most likely to make a decade’s worth of progress against cancer in five years, a key goal of the White House Cancer Moonshot.

Approach May Allow for Stem Cell Transplant without Radiation, Chemotherapy

In a proof-of-concept study in mice, researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine successfully performed hematopoietic (blood) stem cell (HSC) transplants (also called bone marrow transplants) without first using radiation or chemotherapy.

Instead of these toxic conditioning regimens, which are normally used to clear existing stem cells in the bone marrow before transplantation, the researchers used two biological agents that selectively eliminated HSCs in the host mice but left other tissues and organs undamaged.

Blue Ribbon Panel Report: The Power of the Cancer Community Coming Together

Listening to the presentation of the Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel report at the National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) meeting earlier this week, I was moved and inspired by this culmination of 5 months of work. The report demonstrates the power of the cancer community coming together as it never has before to deliver a promise of progress against cancer. The time, energy, dedication, and ideas that went into the report’s creation have been nothing short of extraordinary, and I’d like to thank the cancer community for participating in this collaborative and important undertaking.

This report represents the collaboration of science, technology, advocacy, social science, and big data to solve some of cancer’s greatest challenges. At the core of the report are 10 bold yet feasible initiatives that can benefit patients by changing the trajectory of our understanding of how cancer develops, how to prevent it, and how to treat it. I am honored to deliver this compelling report to Vice President Biden and my federal colleagues on the Cancer Moonshot Task Force for inclusion in their reports to the President later this fall.

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